Physical Environment

The third theme is Physical Environment as it is important to ensure that the Physical Environment is unbiased in terms of design, safety and representation. All pupils need to feel safe and included in all areas of the school.

How does your school use the physical environment to promote gender equality?

Initial Steps

  • How can you address gender (conscious and unconscious) bias in the school’s physical environment? To start with, try to encourage discussions of what GE means in terms of equal access to the physical environment and links to guidance on how to design spaces.
  • You could encourage staff to discuss and identify gender-biased physical environment, seeking examples of good practice.
  • Ask students to share their perceptions and feelings regarding GE in all areas of the school. Do they feel particularly safe or uncomfortable in some places?

Call to action

Do you have any positive examples of how your school or other schools use the physical environment to address Gender Equality issues?

Do your students use the physical space in a gender-inclusive way?

Please share your ideas, results and any good examples.

Curriculum Links

Dream School Environment

Design, Physical Environment

Target age group10-18

Gender equality concepts

Inclusive school environment, accessibility, gender diversity

This Lesson Plan gets pupils to look at the school environment in terms of equality and inclusivity and asks them to design their dream school environment where everyone can feel good and happy.

How safe do pupils feel in your school environment?

Physical Environment

Target age group5-18

Gender equality concepts

safety – a safe environment (physically and mentally) – heat map

This Lesson Plan gets pupils to explore their school environment and how safe they feel in different areas. Pupils can then make suggestions for how all areas of the school can feel safe for all users.

Ideas into Action

Digital platform “500 Queer Scientists”

Attitudes & Relationships, Communities, Curriculum, Leadership, Physical Environment

Target age groupPrimary/Secondary Education

Type of materialWebsite

UK Primary School Case Study

Attitudes & Relationships, Physical Environment

Target age groupPrimary 3-11

Type of materialText – account of school practice

Youth in Action for Equality (Vocational School for Commerce and Trade Bjelovar)

Attitudes & Relationships, CM Development, Content, Curriculum, Extra-curricular, Gender-based violence, Hidden curriculum, Language & communication, Leadership, Peer socialisation, Physical Environment

Type of materialText, video, photo story